Can Regular Cleaning Remove Bacteria & Germs in My Home?

Can Regular Cleaning Remove Bacteria & Germs in My Home? Most people regularly clean their homes, aiming to create safe environments for themselves and their loved ones. Others do it to feel organized, create pleasant environments or chase nagging rodents away.

Contrary to popular belief, regular house cleaning is insufficient if not done correctly and thus, cannot eliminate germs and bacteria. You may unknowingly or intentionally skip areas that are prone to harboring diseases causing bacteria and germs.

For effective regular cleaning, you need to use a potent disinfectant to remove germs and bacteria. Here are areas you need to be keen on during your regular house cleaning.

Under the sink

Can Regular Cleaning Remove Bacteria & Germs in My Home?

Areas under the sink are notorious for hiding household germs and bacteria. More often, people forget or leave them out deliberately. It becomes dangerous when living with toddlers who hold on to anything to stand, harming their health.

So do not just clean the sinks and wipe them dry. Make sure you clean the areas under your sinks, and if applicable, install small shelves to put smaller utensils. It will at least help you notice them whenever you are cleaning.

Behind kitchen appliances such as cookers and washing machines

While you may be confident about your kitchen’s cleanliness, you can skip areas behind cookers and freezers. Tight impenetrable spaces are the most significant disadvantage such that it becomes hard to reach every surface. So, try to be detailed and keen when cleaning your kitchen.

Devise creative ways of cleaning such tight spaces. You can attach small poles or sticks to scrubbing brushes. If possible, move the items to expose more surfaces for effective cleaning.

Areas inside window frames and patio doors

Can Regular Cleaning Remove Bacteria & Germs in My Home?

Dirt and grime usually accumulate inside the frames of windows and patio doors. They become suitable harbors for household bacteria and germs. Most people clean the sills but forget the areas hiding behind the brackets where grime and dirt accumulate.

Always use brushes with firm bristles or vacuum cleaners to reach spaces between joints.

Inside the oven

Cleaning the oven goes beyond just wiping off dust using a socked cloth or spraying with vinegar. You have to dismantle it, removing every detachable part, and washing individually. Steam from food and drinks mostly stick to the sides and surfaces of the oven and form deep grime and grease.

The dirt typically creates suitable environments for bacteria and germ growth and spread suited to high temperatures. And since we use ovens to heat food, the risk of infection is even higher than ever.

Areas inside closets and pantry

Can Regular Cleaning Remove Bacteria & Germs in My Home?

The most significant disadvantage with pantries and closets is that builders hide them from sight, and any dirt accumulated cannot be spotted easily. Besides, people usually pack them with food cans and other perishables.

So, remembering to clean them during regular house cleanings can never be easy. As a result, dirt and grime collect to form a conducive environment for the growth of germs and bacteria, which can cause and spread diseases among household members.

Light switches and doorknobs

It is often wise to clean doorknobs and light switches. These are common household contact points where germs spread very quickly. You may clean window sills while forgetting doorknobs or light switches and convince yourself that you have cleaned every bacteria-infested surface. Always use antibacterial soap or strong detergents to disinfect and kill disease-causing germs and bacteria.


Can Regular Cleaning Remove Bacteria & Germs in My Home?

Most people forget or rather ignore cleaning and disinfecting walls, especially those in the kitchen and bathroom. Frequently, household members touch walls with bacteria and germ-infested hands, making it an excellent avenue for spreading diseases.

So, it is wise that you spay walls with disinfectant or wash with soap if that is an option.

Under furniture

Do not forget to clean the areas under your furniture during your regular house cleaning. Most people often ignore these areas, which harbor household disease causing-bacteria and germs. Areas under the carpet are usually the first to notice for most people and clean and disinfect them thoroughly.

Can Regular Cleaning Remove Bacteria & Germs in My Home? – Conclusion

Can Regular Cleaning Remove Bacteria & Germs in My Home?

Regular cleaning on some areas cannot be sufficient to kill disease-causing bacteria and germs. You need to ensure that every inch of the house surface is cleaned or disinfected. Then definitely, you will be entirely convinced that your house is safe from disease-causing germs and bacteria.

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