Can Having Carpet Worsen My Eczema?

Can Having Carpet Worsen My Eczema? A variety of factors can cause skin conditions, such as eczema. Some of the most common triggers for those who suffer from severe skin issues include immune system problems (such as an autoimmune disease), stress, and allergies.

People with these conditions often find it hard to pinpoint one specific thing causing their skin problem. However, research has found that several triggers can worsen skin problems, such as dust mites. But can a carpet at home worsen Eczema?

Can a Carpet at Home Worsen My Eczema?

 Can Having Carpet Worsen My Eczema?

Carpeted rooms, especially those with high traffic, may contain more allergens than rooms with hard flooring. Carpeted floors are often home to many dust mites, which is one of the biggest triggers for those who suffer from eczema. Dust mite allergens can trigger an allergic reaction that will further irritate your skin condition.

This means wearing shoes inside your home will not do much good as dust mite particles can easily travel from one room to another. Therefore, it is best to wear slippers or sandals at home to minimize the risk of coming in contact with dust mite allergens.

It is also best to keep your windows closed at all times when you are at home. This will reduce the number of dust mites that enter your house through indoor ventilation. It is also advisable to regularly wipe down your floors, furniture, and other surfaces as they are potential havens for dust mites.

However, it is also equally important to keep your home properly ventilated as this will reduce the risk of having dampness which can trigger eczema flare-ups.

Allergy to Carpeting? What to do?

If you already suffer from a skin condition such as eczema, the last thing you want is to worsen your skin problem by simply walking on the carpeted floor. This is why those with severe eczema should wear shoes inside their homes.

However, it might not be enough if the bedroom has carpeted flooring because the number of allergens accumulating in this area is much higher.

If you wonder how to get rid of allergens inside your house, it is best to remove the carpet. Replacing it with laminate or hardwood flooring will lessen your exposure to dust mites and give your rooms a fresh look.

If having carpet in certain areas of the home is unavoidable, consider installing special noise-reducing underlay that can help reduce the flow of air and thus minimize the dust particles carried by air.

Carpet Causes Serious Irritations

 Can Having Carpet Worsen My Eczema?

Carpet contains materials known to cause serious irritation to those with skin conditions such as eczema. Previously, most people would wear shoes inside the house to prevent contact with dust mites and their allergens. However, it is now best to avoid walking on carpet to reduce exposure to these microscopic bugs.

The carpet has two parts, the upper and back layer, and you can be allergic to these parts. So it is best to seal the upper layer with a natural finish.

Using organic cotton and wool blend carpet made from material that does not contain carcinogenic chemicals can reduce carpet allergy. The toxic chemicals used in processing most carpets can cause various health problems such as asthma and eczema if it emits harmful gases when used over an extended period. Therefore, it is best to choose flooring materials that will give you comfort and last long without causing any discomfort to your skin condition.

Tips for Allergy Proofing your Carpeting

Vacuum Carpets Twice a Week

If you are not ready to remove the carpet at home, there are some measures that you can take to reduce the risk of having allergy problems. For instance, vacuum your carpets at least twice every week using a special vacuum cleaner for carpets. Ensure that you change the bag or clean the container properly when vacuuming to avoid releasing dust particles into the air.

Clean or Remove Upholstered Furniture

You should also consider getting rid of all upholstered furniture because they accumulate a high number of allergens, just like carpets do. Maintain proper indoor ventilation inside your home by opening windows once in a while and ensuring that all doors are tightly closed when no one is inside the rooms to minimize dust mites entering or leaving through these openings.

There is no such thing as getting rid of them completely for allergies. However, you can reduce your exposure to dust mites by taking this step.

Vacuum Pets Toys and Beddings

Suppose you have a pet; ensure that you vacuum their toys and bedding regularly to prevent allergies caused by animal dander. You can also consider reducing humidity in your space by installing dehumidifiers to reduce humidity and give your rooms a fresh look.

Steam Clean your Carpet

Steam clean your carpets regularly to kill mites and their eggs. Use disinfectant on your upholstered furniture every time you clean the carpets. Also, choose natural or organic sealants to prevent eczema or allergy attack by carpeting allergens.

Avoid Eating on the Carpet

If you have kids, ensure that they do not eat on the carpet because food particles can attract pests. Also, vacuum their toys every day to prevent having allergy problems.

Can Having Carpet Worsen My Eczema? – Conclusion

 Can Having Carpet Worsen My Eczema?

Having a carpet is not recommended for people with skin conditions such as eczema. However, if you have to keep it, strictly follow the measures included in this article to minimize your exposure to dust mites and other allergy-causing elements. It is best to ensure you vacuum your carpet twice a week and steam clean it every few months to kill dust mites.

If you have kids around the house, seal the carpeting edges with natural or organic sealants to prevent the entrance of allergens from outside. Ensure that your windows are closed during allergies and use masks when going outside. Avoid anything that can increase dust and mites in your home.

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