Best Way To Spring Clean Bathrooms

What is the best way to spring clean bathrooms? Given that it is the messiest space in your house, bathroom spring cleaning takes much effort. That’s why less talk and more action. Here is a checklist you need to follow for bringing your bathroom in a spotless condition.

1. Remove the clutter

Best Way To Spring Clean Bathrooms

For starters, remove all the clutter from the bathroom to make cleaning easier. Empty the vanity, shelves and cupboards. Remove everything from the tub and toilet surrounds. Place the items into a clutter box and temporarily move them to another room.

Remove the rugs and shower curtain and take them to the laundry.

2. Dust

As you cleared the space, proceed with the dusting. Use a long-held tool to wipe the dust off the ceiling, vents, corners, and walls. Then, take a dry clean cloth and dust the cupboards, vanity, faucet, tub, and sink.

3. Clean the shower

Best Way To Spring Clean Bathrooms

Shower accumulates much soap scum. Removing it with soap and water is impossible, as it is too hard. You have to make a homemade cleaner, consisting of water and white vinegar. Mix one part of water and one part of vinegar and add a few drops of dish detergent.

Add the mixture into a spray bottle and spread it onto the soap scum-affected area. Let it sit for 15 minutes to allow the solution to break down the dirt. Then, use a soft brush to remove the soap scum for good. Don’t forget to rinse with water to leave the shower in a sparkling condition.

4. Disinfect

Best Way To Spring Clean Bathrooms

If you want to spring clean the bathroom effectively, you have to use disinfection. Considering the tons of bacteria that live in your bathroom, the only way to kill them is to disinfect all areas. Apply disinfectant on the sink, faucet, tub, toilet, and other areas with large populations of bacteria. Let it sit for 20 minutes or so, then rinse the disinfectant off using a damp cloth.

5. Treat other dirty items

For drawers, door knobs, vanity and other areas where finger traffic is high use a soapy mixture. Combine dish detergent with warm water and spray it on the items. Scrub with a clean microfiber cloth to kill the bacteria and wipe the grime away.

6. Clean the toilet

Wear rubber gloves and proceed with the toilet treatment. Flush, then spread baking soda in the bowl. Scrub with vigor to leave no chance to bacteria and grime. Then generously apply toilet disinfectant to make the bowl totally free of bacteria and other pathogens.

You are good to spray disinfectant on the toilet surrounds too, as they are also a hub for bacteria. Don’t forget to wipe the disinfectant away after half an hour to prevent the sharp smell from spreading. This period of time is more than enough to break the protein chains of bacteria and kill them.

7. Clean the grout

Best Way To Spring Clean Bathrooms

Grout cleaning is an important part of the bathroom spring cleaning. To get your grout lines spotlessly clean, combine some hot water and detergent into a bowl. Mix energetically to create suds. Then use a brush to work the soapy solution into the the grout.

Scrub until the dark grime disappears from the grout. If the grime hasn’t disappeared fully, you can sprinkle some baking soda and scrub vigorously. The soda particles will create more friction helping to remove even the toughest dirt.

8. Sweep

Use a groom to sweep the dirt, lint and other grime accumulated on the bathroom floor. Alternatively, you can vacuum with a special brush attachment for floor treatment to lift the lint.

9. Mop

Best Way To Spring Clean Bathrooms

Apply a floor cleaner on the mop and wipe the floor, reaching out to each corner. You can also infuse the mop with deodorant to eliminate the stinky smells and bring fresh air in your bathroom.

Best Way To Spring Clean Bathrooms – Conclusion

Best Way To Spring Clean Bathrooms

To sum up, bathroom spring cleaning is a tough and time-consuming task. Since it is the dirtiest and the most bacteria-affected room in your house, you have to do much work. The good news is that you don’t need special skills to clean this small but messy room.

You just need basic products and some free hours on your schedule to get the job done. However, if you are too busy, you can always hire a spring cleaning company. We hope you enjoyed reading the article – Best Way To Spring Clean Bathrooms. Good luck!

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