9 House Cleaning Tips For Your Home

All homeowners will certainly want to own a clean house for good family health, for impressing visitors and relatives and for keeping a conducive home environment. Need some good house cleaning tips for your Singapore home? We can help. Here are great tips on how you can clean your house without spending too much time or effort.

1. Plan Ahead of Time
It’s important to set a date on when you intend to do some house cleaning, especially if it’s spring cleaning time. You can maximize your cleaning time when you do it during the weekends or on holidays as there would be very little disturbance and you’ll have plenty of time without worrying about work, family, etc. If you have children them it’s a good idea to have someone look after them or have a relative accompany them to the local park, the mall, etc. Then comes the preparation for the cleaning tools and products. You should have the most basic tools such as rags, sponges, liquid cleaners, a microfiber cloth, a toothbrush, rubber gloves, baking soda and a squeegee, etc. on hand. If not, purchase the things you’ll need before cleaning day.

2. Remove Unnecessary Clutter

You can save on time when you begin by picking up household clutter before you do the actual cleaning. Take stock of all the areas of your home and pick up stray magazines, books, writing material, clothes and toys lying around. Put those items back to where they belong, i.e., the used clothes at the hamper, the toys on the storage, magazines and books on cabinets, etc. so you won’t have to do it later. Later, you can sort out the items lying around the house and free up some space by dividing them into useful and non-useful category. You can donate the unimportant items and free up valuable storage space in the process.

3. Gather Your Cleaning Supplies

Professional house cleaners put all their cleaning materials into one basket or push cart so they can move from one room to another and have everything they need to clean that area. You can take their example and group all your supplies in one basket. You become efficient and save time for cleaning and enjoy a newly-cleaned home much sooner than expected. Plus, you’ll know where the cleaning materials are and can get to them quickly in the future.

4. Divide The Area Into Sections
If you want a really deep and thorough cleaning you should divide up the whole house into sections and each room further sub-divided into grids. For example, your Singapore house is composed of a dining room, a living room and 2 bedrooms. You can divide them and tackle the bathroom section first. You divide the bathroom areas into their respective sections, i.e., the floor, the toilet, the sink and the tub. The purpose of dividing is two-fold. One, you’ll less likely to skip out and leave a spot uncleaned. You’ll be doing a more methodical cleaning that ensures each inch of your house is clean when you’re finished. Two, you’ll have a sense of achievement and progress as you work. You’ll be motivated because you know that you’re more than halfway complete and can look forward to a well-deserved rest and relaxation.

5. Clean Your Bedroom

The bedroom is where people sleep, so it’s important to clean it out and make the environment more habitable. Start with the bed and change the sheets to new and fresh ones. If it’s been a while since you aired the bedroom, open the windows and let fresh air and sunlight in to keep out bedbugs and other pests from living in your bed mattress. You should also change the pillow covers and fluff the pillows up to their original shape. Vacuum the carpet and sweep the floor. You should dust every surface and wipe it clean with a microfiber cloth. Pay attention to the contact areas as well, i.e., the doorknob, the TV remote and items that are frequently handled.

6. Clean Your Bathroom

A good tip for cleaning bathrooms is to start from top to bottom. Give the whole bathroom a good washing starting with the toilet, then the tub and finally, the sink. Wipe down every surface using an antiseptic towel and a mixture of soap and water. Pay attention to the toilet seat and contact surfaces such as the toilet handle, the faucet for the shower/ bath tub and the faucet for the sink. Use a mild soap and water combination for the mirror and a squeegee to that water spots won’t be left on the shiny surface. The floor should be the last part of the cleaning process since you’ll be stepping on it frequently.

7. Clean Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the busiest parts of the whole house and therefore it stands to reason that you should have it cleaned regularly. Begin by throwing food scraps and unnecessary items in the trash can. Then, clean out every kitchen appliance appropriately, i.e., the microwave’s insides should be sponged off, the refrigerator should be wiped and any expired item should be thrown, etc. Don’t forget to do this in sections so you won’t be overwhelmed.

8. Take Out The Trash
Once you’ve completed the house cleaning it’s time to take out the trash you’ve gathered. Secure them by using an environmental-friendly bag, tie it up securely and take the trash to the appropriate disposal area. It’s not advisable to keep the trash inside the home as many of these everyday things could contain harmful substances that could be detrimental to your health.

9. Hire A Professional Cleaner

Sometimes you may not have the time or the energy to clean the whole house. It could be too much work and you may have a lot of children playing around with no one to look after them. In this case it may be better to leave it to a professional cleaner. These experts are well-trained and they can complete the cleaning process in half the time you’d take if you were to do it yourself. You will have a sparkling home that’s great to look at. What’s more, your house will become presentable to guests and relatives when you need to host an event at your residence.

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