6 Reasons To Choose Us As Your House Cleaning Company

Are you in Singapore and you need a reliable cleaning company to come and do either your office or house cleaning? One of the biggest challenges most people face when it comes to choosing the right cleaning company, is finding one that will do it well and professionally. You have to admit that if you are looking for a cleaning company, then you want one that meets the following qualifications: 

* Provide high quality services that meet all your cleaning needs. 
*Is cost effective and does not go beyond your budget. 
*Is reliable and delivers exactly what they promise without fail. 

Unfortunately, most cleaning companies in Singapore will tell you that they can deliver what you need, only to fall short after you have entrusted them with your cleaning. Moreover, when you do a random search on the available cleaning companies, almost all of them will promise you good quality work, and this makes it very difficult to know which one exactly you should settle for. Of course, internet searches remain one of the most popular ways people use to find cleaning companies. This is because most companies have websites that showcase the services they provide. The tricky part is that, in as much as they have the information on their sites, it is not easy to know if they are telling the truth. 

Most companies will exaggerate or even lie about their capabilities as a marketing strategy. Whenever we meet clients who have been disappointed by other house cleaning companies in Singapore, we try our best to assure them that we will give them only the best. We believe that it is our responsibility to not only provide high quality services, but to also inform people on why it is important for them to choose the most reliable and professional cleaning company to do their cleaning. Some of the top 6 reasons why you should choose us as your house cleaning company include: 

1. We take responsibility for your safety: 
In a recent survey that was done across residents of Singapore, lack of trust of the employees of a cleaning company was one of the top reasons why people shy away from contracting a house cleaning company. Well, you do not have to worry about that if you choose us. You can rest assured that the employees we send to your house have undergone a thorough background check. We know what they are all about, and we check for discipline, commitment and professionalism before we can employ them to our company. This means that your house and other valuables will be handles with care. Additionally, we provide our employees with property insurance in case of any damages. They are also certified, experienced and skilled to handle any special needs you may have. 

2. We use environment friendly cleaning methods: 
Nobody wants cleaners who will come into their house and introduce toxic chemicals in the name of cleaning. That is why when we handle your cleaning, we ensure that we use only chemical free and environment friendly methods. This means that the cleaning clothes we use are made from micro-fiber clothes that do not leave any pollutants in the air. We also have approved filtered vacuums that don’t have toxic emissions. You no longer have to worry about how safe your house is after the house cleaners have left. 

3. We provide free rough estimates:
So, you want a house cleaning company to come and clean for you but you are not sure how much they will charge you? Well, that should not worry you if you choose us as your preferred company. We provide our customers with free estimates of how much we will charge them if we handled their house cleaning. This information is given to the customer before we can embark on cleaning, so that they can decide if they are comfortable with the price we are charging. So, say goodbye to hidden costs charged by some companies, and to the stress that comes with not knowing what you are being charged for. 

4. We do house inspections to identify your specific needs: 
We acknowledge the fact that every house has different cleaning needs. Every customers has specific requirements, ad that is why we provide a range of cleaning options for them to choose from. Our priority is to identify the exact needs of every client. We can either offer an option of weekly cleaning, or monthly cleaning depending on our assessment and the agreement with the client. We do deep cleaning in areas that accumulate a lot of dirt. We also offer additional cleaning services such as mopping, waxing, dusting, polishing and vacuuming depending on how dirty the place is. For us to know exactly what needs to be done 
to your house, our team of professionals will come to your house to make the assessment. 

5. Our cleaning is fast and effective; and we work with the customer’s schedule
Like we have indicated earlier, our customers are our priority and that is why we always consider their schedules when planning for house cleaning. We try as much as possible to make sure that the cleaning is done fast, without compromising on the quality of the services. We always ask the customer to tell us when their schedule can allow us to step in and do their cleaning. Once we have come up with a workable schedule, we then start cleaning without delay, so that we don’t eat up a lot of the customer’s time. 

6. We allow our clients to interact with other existing customers: In case you want to get references from other clients we have worked with, we allow you to do that. We will give you the references so that you can contact the directly and talk to the concerning our house cleaning company. You are free to air your concerns and ask them questions about the kind of services we provide. 


In case you have been wondering who should be doing your house cleaning in Singapore, then we hope that the answer provided will give you reasons to choose us. The bottom line is that you should always go for a cleaning company that will give you quality services at a reasonable price. You should never be afraid to raise questions and talk about your special needs when you are contracting a house cleaning company. If you choose to work with us, we can assure you that you will not regret.

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