6 Greatest Myths On House Cleaning in Singapore

Many homeowners never look out for the cleaning industries best practices when they are cleaning their houses. When it comes to house cleaning, most of the people usually rely on what they were taught or what they learnt on the search engines. Home remedies work in some cases and don’t in other cases. At times the home remedy solution that are posted on the search engines may create problems rather than helping us solve the problems. Some of the house cleaning myths include:

One of the most common myths is that vinegar can be used to clean everything.
It is important to note that vinegar is green cleaning agent that is used in the cleaning purposes. Vinegar not only disinfects and removes stains but also deodorizes the bad odors. One disadvantage of vinegar is that it is acidic and can therefore erode the metallic surfaces. When hard surfaces such as the waxed surfaces, stone and marble are cleaned by vinegar, they get damaged.

Using more soap makes the house cleaner.
 This is totally not true. Using more bleach, detergent or soap does not necessarily increase its effectiveness. When you use too much of a cleaning agent a residue will be left behind. The residue left behind is then likely to attract dirt and bacteria. It is important to be economical with the cleaning detergents because it is more efficient and effective as compared to using too much of the detergent.

The green cleaning products are not poisonous:
 It is important to note that most of the green cleaning products are usually made from renewable resources. This makes most of them biodegradable and non-toxic. However, not all the green cleaning products are non poisonous. Most of the products will have the labels terming them as being environmentally or eco friendly. This is usually not true in many instances. It is recommended to consult the MSDS if you want to find the most effective cleaning method.

The great way of cleaning your windows is by using newspapers. 
Well it is important to note that when using newspapers for window cleaning, it dissolves in water. Usually when the newspaper dissolves in water, it will leave stains on your window panes. The wooden areas around your window will also be left with streaks. You should use a microfiber cloth or a squeegee to clean your windows instead of using the newspapers. This method is not only effective but also economical as well.

To remove a stain you have to scrub hard.
 This housing cleaning myth is totally wrong. In fact when you scrub a stain hard enough you will only force the stain to stick deeper on the fabric or surface that you are trying to cleaning. Moreover, when you scrub a surface very hard the carpet fibers will be untwisted. One effective way of removing a hard surface is by blotting. The other method is using the effective cleaning agents like soap, detergents and bleaches. The detergents usually lower the surface tension therefore making it easy to remove the dirt.

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