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How To Keep Your Home Clean Even With Pets Around

Pets are usually a great addition to your family. They are normally soft and warm hence reducing stress to certain degree. Nevertheless, they may cause new smells and also extra fluffy carpets which may end up stressing you. Mostly if they are warm blooded pets, you may as well receive dander, a lot of hair and also odors. However, with some good tips and also a little of the hard work, you can live together with your pets in harmony.

How To Keep Your Home Clean Even With Pets Around

Like with the rest of the house cleaning chores, there are quite simple tasks that you can simply do in order to reduce the time as well as the effort it takes you to clean after your pets in Singapore. It’s the responsibility of the pet owners to clean up after his or her pets. They can carry bacteria, viruses and also parasites which can be very harmful to the human beings.

Which are some of the tips to stay healthy as well as keep your home clean even with pets around in Singapore?

Washing your hands

It may seem to be extreme but your pets such as the pers, the dog and cats can simply carry the bacteria on their skin as well as in their fur. It's mainly a great concern for iguana lovers but can still apply to the other fur bearing pets. Iguana usually have salmonella on their skin which is a bacteria that is common in the food poisoning. In recent times, it has actually been in the headlines that it's a contaminant in the pet food.

Some illnesses were then reported in a number of states which were linked to the feeding of these pets in the kitchen. Also, it was noted that this bacteria was still present in the feces even when the pet wasn't ill. Therefore, it’s always wise to clean your hands very carefully after you handle your pet and also their food as well.


During the shedding season of the pet hair, it can be a nightmare to pet lovers. Pet hair can simply get everywhere. Even after it passes away, you can still find its hair on your clothes. One of the tips to get off the hair from the carpets and the furniture is by reducing the amount. You can simply do it in several ways which include;

Take your time to brush your pets since even a short haired pet will also shed. The best position to brush is the outdoors and if that isn't possible, look either for hardwood or even linoleum. This is in order to keep its hair in quite a manageable place instead of spreading it all over your house.

Keep off your pet from the furniture. Pets may leave a lot of fur behind on the chair which will then transfer to you and then to the other areas of your house. You can curb this by just creating a special position for your pets to lay and then you should train them to make use it.

Make sure you vacuum daily. Pets usually lose hair constantly especially those that stays in your house exclusively. Once you vacuum your house daily, you will definitely keep off the pet hair and also you will not clog your machine.

In case you have the pet hair everywhere in the house, the only option that is left is simply the systematic removal. Begin at the top and then work the way down. Clean the drapes, sweep down the walls and then wash every slipcover that you have. It will take some minutes and can even require you to hire a cleaning service.

Pet Odors

They are the worst pets related dilemma. When the pets are young, they usually leave these odors all over your house and puddles as well. Before you discover it, your house can smell much awful. To eliminate the pet odors, you have to do the following;

Realize that in case you are using the paper being a potty method, then you will ever have to cope up with the pet odors. The only way that you can be free from the pet odors is simply getting your pet house-trained.

Clean any area which has been a spotty spot thoroughly. If you eliminate the odor of the feces and urine, then you will have gone quite a farther way towards the potty training.

Follow these tips and definitely your home will ever be clean even with pets around.

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