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6 Ways To Keep Your House Clean

A clean house is what everyone looks for, but very few people are able to keep their house clean on a regular basis. Keeping your house clean not only provides a beautiful look, but also makes it free from disease causing germs. It also helps in keeping the pest away that is the biggest enemy of human beings.

Ways To Keep Your House Clean

Though you may take advantage of house cleaning services in Singapore, here are 6 ways to keep your house clean:

1. Have a daily cleaning plan

Making a generalized daily cleaning plan will help in keeping things cluttered and removal of dust and dirt from objects. Making your bed in the morning, dusting things and de-cluttering clothes and toys will make space and clean up your daily mess.

2. Invest in a walk-up mat

Investing in a walk-up mat outside your main entrance will help in keeping unwanted dirt from coming inside your house. Most of the dust usually gets inside along with shoes. Making a habit of using such mat and teaching your children to do so will keep the floor and carpets of your living room, free from dust.

3. Keep your carpets clean

Cleaning carpets on a daily basis is a good idea, but there is gradual deposition of dust, dirt, food and pet hair in the carpets along with time. It is thus best to go for a thorough carpet cleaning once in a while to keep them sparkling clean. Carpet cleaning is one of the most important parts of house cleaning.

4. Laundry and curtain cleaning

Unclean laundry as well as dirty curtains makes a home prone to diseases, especially if kids are present. If you do not have much time, to do such cleaning yourself, it is best to hire a company who can take care of cleaning your laundry and clothes. Cleaning curtains also requires special attention; if done at home, make sure to follow instructions.

5. Keep your kitchen clean

Kitchen is a room of your house that requires most of the cleaning. It is extremely important to maintain proper hygiene in kitchen. Leftover food may develop bacteria on them, posing health issues. It is always best to clean your kitchen on a daily basis before going to bed. Put used dishes and bowls in a dishwasher, clean food from countertop and clean the sink, to wake up with a sparkling kitchen. This may reduce mess and reduce your work in the morning.

6. Paint your house at frequent intervals

Painting your house at regular interval makes your house look beautiful and clean. It removes dust and strains from the walls providing an even look. Though, doing it yourself may create a mess if you do not have much experience, you may even hire a company to get the work done in an easy way. It also helps in de cluttering your house, while your walls are getting painted.

Apart from these, there are other ways for house cleaning like keeping things in place and organising your wardrobe once a week to avoid clothes scattered at other places of the house. A total house cleaning service form a reputed company may help you clean up your house in a fast and effective way, if you do not have much time to invest in cleaning chores.

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I am moving out from my previous bungalow and I required a one-time cleaning. I was strongly recommended by my friend, their existing customer. Part Time Cleaner took patience to explain to me the scope of work, number of cleaners and etc. On the actual day, 3 cleaners were at my site cleaning. Their cleaners are professionals, they realised that even with them around, and they are unable to clean up the entire site on-time. They called their supervisor, Ah Poh to inform him that they may need to work overtime due to lack of manpower. He came down in less than 20 minutes and started work immediately without even charging an extra manpower cost.

Ah Poh left me a very deep impression, he said in Chinese: "We are here to solve your problems and hope to put a smile on your face." Surprisingly, they managed to finish my site on-time cleaning every spot! All I can say, they are professionals and provide high standard of services. Will continue engaging them for my weekly cleaning! Thank you.
Lily Chia (Joo Chiat Terrace)
Professional House cleaning Services in Singapore
Excellent customer service to after sale service. Called them and was impressed by their customer service. I decide to try their weekly package after; the cleaner was on time, effective and efficient. She has initiative, doing more than what I expected. Well done guys! I am really satisfied.
Madam Rina (Bukit Timah)

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