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Part time hourly maid rates in Singapore
If you are moving into a new house, moving out of your house or simply need a part-time maid cleaner on an hourly basis, you can check out our one time cleaning service. Of course if you house is too big, you will need 2 or even 3 cleaners to do the cleaning.

*Clients are to provide all cleaning materials and products

Additional Hour Per Cleaner: $30
(If you house is too big and our cleaners cannot finish the cleaning, you may request for extension of cleaning hours subject to cleaner availability.)
*Clients to provide cleaning materials and products.
*Don't have cleaning materials? Cleaning materials are available at $80 EACH set.
* Rent Vacuum cleaner at only $30 extra.
*There will be a surcharge of 20% for the peak months on Hari Raya, Christmas & Chinese New Year.


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Does your family member get sick easily because of dirty home?
Feeling ashamed to invite your friends or relatives to your home?
Cannot stand your dirty toilet anymore?
Need a part-time maid helper to maintain the cleanliness of your home?
Hardly any time with your family due to house chore?
Busy with work thus no time to housekeep your home?


House Cleaning Singapore - part-time maid Maid Services

Do you need a part-time maid maid to do all your weekly housework for you?
part-time maid Maid Singapore is your solution to all your housekeeping chores.

part-time maid Maid Singapore is your solution to dirty home. If you need a part-time maid cleaner to clean your house on a weekly basis, scroll down and check on the rates for weekly house cleaning package.


In today's fast paced society, with the never-ending work schedules and a fight towards achieving one's dreams; Singaporeans are finding it a struggle to toggle in between work and their daily house chores. If you have nodded your head in agreement, this is the right site for your part-time maid solutions.

Having a full time maid would require lodging - and this, may pose as a problem to many. Full time maids take up a substantial chunk of one's buying and spending power - monetarily. This is the reason for our existence. We provide you the best in experience part-time maid services. Appointments are readily available, all at your fingertips, a phone call away.

We provide Quality House/Office cleaning, part-time maid maid, laundry cleaning and office cleaning at a great price.


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If you use our professional house cleaning services, you can rest assured that we will be there to do the house cleaning work for you. We understand it can be really hard to find good legal part-time maid maids in Singapore and you wouldn't want to risk hiring illegal domestic ones. Try our home cleaning or office cleaning services and you will understand why we have a group of loyal fans. Clean homes unite the family better and is definitely a great investment for your family.

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